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App Development Building Apps for the Salesforce AppExchange: Our Process and Expertise

We are one of three officially recognized PDO partners for Marketing Cloud

As an official Salesforce Product Development Outsourcers Partner, our core expertise lies in developing custom applications for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. Our team of experienced developers is proficient in using Salesforce DX and Heroku to create apps that are tailored to our customer's specific needs.

One of the significant advantages of building an app for Salesforce is the ability to list it on the Salesforce AppExchange, a leading marketplace for Salesforce-compatible apps. This provides our customers with access to millions of Salesforce users and an opportunity to generate more revenue through their app.

Building Apps for the Salesforce AppExchange

We follow a comprehensive process when building an app for the AppExchange. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Ideation and Planning: We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and come up with a concept for the app. Our developers conduct extensive research, including user surveys and interviews, to ensure that the app meets our customers' business objectives. We analyze the competition, identify gaps, and create a roadmap for the development process. Our customer's feedback is of paramount importance to us, and we incorporate their ideas and suggestions into the app's design and functionality.

  2. Design and Development: Once we have finalized the app concept, our team begins the design and development process. We create wireframes and mockups to give our customers a clear idea of the app's look and feel. Our developers leverage Salesforce's powerful developer tools to build and code the app, ensuring that it is fully customized to meet our customers' requirements. We thoroughly test the app to ensure that it is bug-free, meets Salesforce's technical guidelines, and is ready for submission to the AppExchange.

  3. Security Review: Before an app can be listed on the AppExchange, it must pass Salesforce's stringent security review process. Our team is experienced in navigating this process and ensures that the app meets Salesforce's high standards for data privacy and security. We help our customers prepare for the review, identify and fix any potential security vulnerabilities, and ensure that the app complies with Salesforce's strict security guidelines.

  4. Listing and Marketing: Once the app has been approved for listing on the AppExchange, we can help our customers with the strategy to put their app on the market. We assist with creating compelling marketing materials, promoting the app through various channels, and optimizing the app listing to improve visibility and downloads. Our team ensures that our customers' app is positioned effectively and reaches its target audience, maximizing its potential for success.

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