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Bynder Penfield Digital helps Bynder modernize its software landscape

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Bynder wanted to phase out Pardot from its software landscape and reduce the number of software packages. Read on to find out how Penfield Digital helped out.

Penfield Digital helps Bynder modernize its software landscape

Bynder is a cloud-based solution that allows organizations to easily manage digital content. Bynder's Digital Asset Management (DAM) module is an excellent platform for organizations that want to centralize, organize and share all of their digital media files. Bynder’s innovative DAM platform enables teams to collaborate in the cloud, bring content to market faster, and maximize the impact of marketing assets.

How it started!

Bynder started working with Penfield Digital in 2019 as a PDO Client (product development) to create a connection between Salesforce Marketing Cloud and their DAM platform via an API. This solution was designed for both Bynder and Webdam. At the time, Bynder was still using Pardot. Read all about this exciting project and the successful collaboration between Bynder and Penfield Digital in the following article. 

The Challenges

Bynder decided it was time to phase out Pardot from their software landscape. The system lacked the necessary flexibility and did not fit Bynder’s current strategy anymore. Bynder also wanted to reduce the number of software packages in use, something the Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be able to do in the near future. 

To make this possible, the following operations and tasks had to be carried out:

  • Full basic implementation of Marketing Cloud.
  • Mapping, reducing, enhancing, and transferring all existing flows and cloud pages to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This had to be done in a way that wouldn’t affect the running operational processes.
  • Besides needing to transfer all current processes, Bynder had the prerequisite that the Pardot native scoring model had to be compatible with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud too. The company leveraged this tool very heavily for all its sales decisions and actions in the sales cloud.

All of this became a lot more challenging due to the very short and strict deadline set by Bynder. Project management was a crucial part of this process and project. After a few weeks, we noticed that putting one person on the project wasn’t going to cut it. We were able to explain that more time and resources (people and hours) were needed to successfully finish the project and subsequently assembled a team of five to get the job done. 

The solution: what did we make?

Penfield Digital started with building scoring mechanisms. These allow Bynder to make more informed, objective decisions. During the process, we handed over a range of possible solutions  – each with its own timeline – including an existing app that Bynder can integrate with its Sales Cloud. After a few calls with the company that owns the product, it was decided that this was the best way forward given the short timeline.

We also determined and arranged Bynder’s Marketing Cloud set-up. This included the basic implementation of the platform, installing the Journey Builder (a campaign planning tool that enables Bynder to design and automate campaigns that guide customers through their journey with the company), and the creation of dedicated CloudPages. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows Bynder to connect data with marketing processes and customer journey touchpoints. This gives the company the opportunity to build more personalized campaigns and also allows Bynder to fine-tune customer journeys to customers’ actual needs and preferences.

Bynder on the Salesforce AppExchange

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