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Knowledge is power We provide Salesforce-driven solutions for customers in various industries.

Salesforce + Data + CX

At Penfield Assist Digital, we are more than just a Salesforce multi-cloud agency; we are your partners in digital transformation. Our expertise spans across the vast Salesforce ecosystem, including Marketing, Commerce, Service, Sales, Data, and AI, empowering businesses to forge deeper connections with their customers through digital engagement.

From our headquarters in Amsterdam and as part of the larger Assist Digital Group based in Milan, we offer a unique blend of technology, CX and strategy. Part of our offering is the CDP Nominow, this allows us to provide a 360-degree view of the customer, making us a one-stop solution for digital excellence.

In this repository, you will find a curated collection of whitepapers and use cases meticulously crafted to provide insights, strategies, and real-world examples of how businesses can navigate the complexities of digital transformation. Whether you are looking to refine your brand marketing, optimize your service delivery, or revolutionize your sales process, our resources are designed to guide and inspire.


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Commercial Director

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