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Hertog Jan Proeftuin What are the key ingredients to a successful Direct-to-Consumer subscription platform?

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Crafting Success with Direct-to-Consumer Subscriptions: The Hertog Jan Story

In today's dynamic market, a successful Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) subscription platform is akin to an alchemical formula – a delicate balance of ingredients that captivate and engage customers. Hertog Jan, a renowned name in the world of craft beer, discovered the secret to this formula by utilizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud to send out compelling emails to its loyal customers. Let's delve into the key ingredients that made this subscription campaign a resounding success.

1. The Product: Subscription Strategy

At the heart of any successful D2C subscription is a compelling product. Hertog Jan recognized this and carefully crafted its subscription strategy. Drawing inspiration from McKinsey's digital subscription research, the brewery decided to focus on curation. The "De Proeftuin" concept was born, offering beer enthusiasts a quarterly taste of experimental beers handpicked by Hertog Jan's expert brewers. These unique selections were aimed at surprising and delighting the subscribers, turning every delivery into a beer lover's adventure.

2. The Platform: A Digital D2C Environment

To bring this vision to life, Hertog Jan needed a robust digital environment. Here's where Salesforce Marketing Cloud played a pivotal role. The brewery seamlessly integrated a subscription platform into its existing digital ecosystem. Leveraging the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, beer lovers could easily sign up for the "De Proeftuin" subscription through an integrated Shopify environment. Customers had the flexibility to choose between annual and quarterly payment options. While the main attraction was "De Proeftuin," members could also complement their subscription with replacement packages from the standard range, such as Grand Prestige. Salesforce Marketing Cloud ensured a smooth and user-friendly experience, simplifying the customer journey.

3. The Content: An Engagement Program

Beyond the beers themselves, Hertog Jan recognized the importance of creating an engaging customer experience. Salesforce Marketing Cloud played a crucial role here as well. Subscribers weren't just receiving beer; they were embarking on a journey into the world of brewing. The customer engagement program was carefully designed to make members feel like they were part of the brewing process. Exclusive content, including informative emails, inspiring digital (video) materials, and invitations to exclusive tastings, provided subscribers with an immersive experience. Salesforce Marketing Cloud helped deliver these engaging messages effectively, ensuring that every beer delivery felt like a special occasion.

A Subscription as a Business Proposition

"De Proeftuin" was more than just a subscription service; it was a strategic business proposition for Hertog Jan. By showcasing their craftsmanship and introducing customers to new and exciting beers, the brewery strengthened customer loyalty and built a new revenue stream. Furthermore, it allowed Hertog Jan to gather valuable first-party client data, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and refine their offerings.

This innovative subscription model indirectly financed and improved innovation within the brewery, further solidifying Hertog Jan's position as a leader in specialty beers.

The creation of a unique subscription service offering curated beers from the Hertog Jan brewery


exciting beer experiments each year, fostering a sense of innovation and collaboration with their loyal fan base.

An interactive experience that transformed every beer delivery into a special occasion.

In conclusion

Hertog Jan's success story serves as a testament to the power of a well-crafted D2C subscription platform, where the right product, a seamless digital environment, and engaging content, powered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, can elevate a brand's connection with its customers to new heights.

Let's have a beer and discuss the details!

Rommert Crépin

Commercial Director

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