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Penfield Newsletter March 2024 The Sales Buzz


A new year means a new patch, new markets and new customers to hunt together. To help you win more ACV, we created a newsletter exclusively for you, a high potential Salesforce partner. We will provide you with an update on all things Penfield and how we can help you win more ACV. We will share use cases, workshops, discuss new features, and projects to help you score!

Penfield Assist Digital also has a new positioning in FY25. We now offer a MultiCloud Salesforce tech-stack: including Marketing-, Commerce-, Sales-, Service-, Data Cloud, Subscription Management, and Mulesoft.

This means bigger deals and bigger ACV! 

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Table of Contents

Scroll down for more detail on some of the current highlights from our newsletter. Are you interested in more input, let's connect!

New Logos

We had a good start this year, adding LinkIT, Talpa Media Solutions and Monster to our client portfolio.

Recent Hires

This FY25 is the year we expect to grow even more on Core. That is why we added 4 new Salesforce Consultants to the team.

Current Projects

Our team is working on some amazing project for Nationale Politie, Linda Magazine, Makro and I Love Speelgoed

New Content

We wrote an interesting whitepaper about AI and Talent CRM, focussing on how AI will influence recruitment.

New Logos Closed Won Deals

LINKIT: A Partnership of Digital Empowerment and Innovation

At Penfield Assist Digital, we pride ourselves on forging strategic collaborations with organisations at the forefront of digital transformation. Our partnership with LINKIT stands as a testament to this commitment. LINKIT, a renowned IT partner, is recognised for making a significant impact through digital innovation. Their expertise spans across crucial technological domains including Low-code, Cloud, Data & AI, offering clients unparalleled scalability and flexibility. Whether it's supporting a single project, assembling a complete team, or establishing a strategic IT partnership, LINKIT's adaptability and ability to scale with their clients' evolving needs is unmatched. This robust ecosystem of over 1,500 IT professionals has garnered trust from prestigious clients such as KLM, IBM, Robeco, and the Dutch Government, demonstrating their profound influence and reliability in the IT sector.

Empowering LINKIT with Salesforce Solutions

Our engagement with LINKIT was initiated through the invaluable assistance of Eva Beenakker-Hagen, marking the beginning of a seamless and efficient collaboration. LINKIT sought a dependable partner to implement an employee portal and enhance their existing Service Cloud stack. Our approach, characterised by a meticulously detailed Statement of Work (SoW) and a personalised touch, quickly cemented a strong relationship, yielding mutual benefits for Salesforce and Penfield alike. This partnership not only exemplifies our expertise in delivering tailored Salesforce solutions but also our dedication to nurturing meaningful relationships with our clients.

Looking ahead, LINKIT envisions extending this partnership to encompass comprehensive support across their entire Salesforce infrastructure. This ambitious endeavour underscores their confidence in our capabilities and our shared commitment to excellence in digital transformation.

At Penfield Assist Digital, our journey with LINKIT is a shining example of how strategic collaborations can drive digital innovation, create scalable solutions, and foster enduring partnerships. We are excited to continue supporting LINKIT in their digital transformation journey, leveraging the full potential of Salesforce technologies to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Salesforce products used:

  • Service Cloud
  • Experience Cloud

Talpa Media Solutions: A Convergence of Media Excellence and Digital Innovation

Talpa Media Solutions, a distinguished segment of Talpa Network, stands as a beacon of innovation in the Dutch media landscape. Their organisation is a dynamic amalgamation of iconic media brands, cutting-edge technological expertise, and unparalleled audience reach. Representing an impressive array of radio stations through OMS, including 538, Radio10, Sky Radio, 100%NL, SLAM!, Sublime, Decibel, and Veronica, they boast a national reach that extends to 8.2 million Dutch listeners. In the television domain, their influence is equally profound, with channels such as Net5, SBS6, Veronica, and SBS9 engaging millions of viewers. Additionally, their digital footprint is expansive, marked by their involvement with Juke, Social1nfluencers, Kijk, and Emesa, ensuring a robust presence across the digital sphere.

Elevating Talpa with Salesforce Solutions

Talpa's wanted to elevate organisational efficiency, streamline sales processes, and enhance customer engagement to drive increased advertising sales. Talpa faced the challenge of integrating external systems seamlessly into their existing infrastructure.

Our solution: leveraging the power of Mulesoft. This strategic choice not only addressed the integration challenges but also paved the way for a more cohesive, efficient, and agile operational framework. By harnessing the capabilities of Salesforce and Mulesoft, we empowered Talpa to refine their sales strategies, foster deeper connections with their audience, and unlock new opportunities for growth in the competitive media landscape.

Our partnership with Talpa Media Solutions is a reflection of our expertise in delivering comprehensive Salesforce solutions tailored to the unique needs of the media industry. Through this collaboration, we are setting new standards for operational excellence, customer engagement, and strategic growth, reinforcing our commitment to driving digital transformation across the media sector.

Salesforce products used:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Mulesoft

Excisting customers Current Projects

Playful Connections: The I ❤️ Speelgoed Transformation Story

Almost a year ago, I Love Speelgoed stepped into our world with a vision. They loved bringing joy to kids and parents alike with their toys, but they were on a mission to make their connection with customers even stronger and their operations smoother. They had this idea: why not make their customer engagement and service as effortless and fun as the toys they sell?

So, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work, blending the magic of Marketing Cloud with the nuts and bolts of Service Cloud, all while syncing everything perfectly with their Magento platform. The goal was crystal clear: automate the way they talk to their customers and handle their needs, without losing that personal touch that makes I Love Speelgoed so special.

As we started integrating these systems, it was like fitting together pieces of a puzzle. Each piece was crucial, from automating their marketing efforts to streamline their customer service. This wasn't just about sending emails or solving queries faster; it was about creating moments of delight and building lasting relationships, all while making the team's day-to-day tasks easier.

Fast forward to nearly a year later, and the transformation has been remarkable. I Love Speelgoed hasn't just automated their processes; they've redefined how they engage with their community. Whether it's a personalized birthday wish, a quick resolution to a toy dilemma, or a sneak peek at the latest playthings, every interaction is a testament to their commitment to joy and efficiency.

Looking back, it's been quite the journey with I Love Speelgoed. Through ups, downs, and everything in between, we've seen firsthand how the right mix of technology and human touch can create a little bit of magic. And as we approach this one-year milestone, it's not just about celebrating what we've achieved together; it's about looking forward to all the playful possibilities that lie ahead.

Salesforce products used:

  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud

Boosting Recruitment for Nationale Politie: A Cyber Security Success Story

When the Nationale Politie faced challenges in recruiting for high-demand cyber security roles, they turned to us for a solution that would not only attract but also engage potential candidates effectively. In response, we crafted a strategy that leveraged the power of Salesforce Public Services, combining the outreach capabilities of Marketing Cloud with the seamless integration of Service Cloud to their Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Our approach revitalised talent pools that had remained largely untapped by the Nationale Politie. Despite having these resources, the interaction with potential candidates had been minimal. We initiated targeted journeys and campaigns, designed to re-engage individuals and assess their interest and suitability for roles within the domain of cyber security.

The strategy's core involved personalised engagement, where each interaction was tailored to resonate with the interests and aspirations of potential candidates. By seamlessly connecting with the ATS through Service Cloud, we ensured that every engagement was informed and purposeful, guiding candidates through a journey that highlighted the opportunities and impact they could have within the Nationale Politie.

The outcomes were remarkable. With a conversion rate of 5%, the campaign not only saw a surge in applicants for the cyber security positions but also identified potential candidates for other roles within the police force. This success underscores the effectiveness of integrating Marketing Cloud for engagement with Service Cloud's capabilities to enhance recruitment processes.

Our collaboration with the Nationale Politie and Salesforce Public Services demonstrates how targeted digital engagement and seamless system integration can overcome recruitment challenges in highly specialised fields. The project not only delivered immediate results in terms of applicant numbers but also showcased a scalable approach to talent engagement that can be adapted for various roles within public service sectors.

Salesforce products used:

  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud

Content Whitepapers

Insights, strategies

We will share with you a collection of whitepapers and use cases meticulously crafted to provide insights, strategies, and real-world examples of how businesses can navigate the complexities of digital transformation and how Salesforce can help.

Recently we wrote an Exclusive Whitepaper on the Revolutionary Impact of Generative AI in Talent CRM with Salesforce. Unveil how cutting-edge AI technology is redefining engagement, personalisation, and efficiency in talent strategies. Don't miss out on unlocking your organisation's potential. 

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Commercial Director

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