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Nike Team Football Positioning Nike Team Football as a Package Deal for Local Soccer Clubs in France Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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In this case study we describe how we helped Nike Team Football increase their sales by positioning themselves as a package deal for local soccer clubs in France using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The challenge

Nike Team Football conducted market research and found that many local soccer clubs in France were opting for cheaper brands like Hummel and Adidas for their club wear, even though many players were already wearing Nike off the field. Our task was to position Nike as a package deal for local clubs in France, and we had to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to set up personalized campaigns and journeys.

To achieve our goal, we partnered with the French National Football team to leverage their credibility and authority in the local soccer community. Our campaign targeted local clubs in France, and we used data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud to personalize our messages and create custom journeys for each club.

The lineup strategy

We created a series of email campaigns and journeys that highlighted Nike's superior quality and value proposition. Each club received personalized messages that showed them the benefits of choosing Nike for their club wear, including exclusive access to team uniforms, customized designs, and special pricing.

With the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the platform allowed us to track each club's journey and adjust our messages and campaigns based on their engagement levels. We also used A/B testing to optimize our messages and increase our conversion rates.

The results of our campaign were outstanding. We saw a significant increase in sales for Nike Team Football, with many local clubs switching from cheaper brands to Nike for their club wear. We also received positive feedback from the clubs, who appreciated the personalized and targeted approach we took to our campaign.

The final score

Overall, our collaboration with Nike Team Football and the French National Football team was a success, and we were able to help Nike position itself as a package deal for local soccer clubs in France. Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud allowed us to create personalized campaigns that resonated with each club and drove significant business results for Nike.

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Rommert Crépin

Commercial Director

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