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Carpetright Revolutionizing customer experience: a journey of empowerment.

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Carpetright has been a prominent player in the market for nearly fifty years, offering quality flooring and window decoration products at affordable prices. With over 500 stores, Carpetright stands as the industry leader.

Unveiling the true essence of customer orientation

When we embarked on our partnership with Carpetright, we ran into a familiar challenge that echoed across the industry - an inward-focused approach to product promotion rather than a customer-centric experience that seamlessly integrates on- and offline touchpoints. Recognizing the need for a transformative shift, Carpetright sought our expertise to revolutionize its customer experience, aiming to become the ultimate destination for anyone seeking carpets or flooring. We understand the complexity consumers are facing in this decision-making process and aspire to provide a continuous end-to-end service that surpasses all expectations.

Crafting the CX North Star

Instead of being limited by the existing legacy challenges and siloed departments, we decided to chart a new path by creating the CX North Star. Our focus was to envision the perfect customer orientation journey, placing the aspirations and needs of Carpetright's prospects and customers at the heart of our strategy.

Using a combination of user research techniques and co-creation methods we identified the main pain points, opportunities and challenges from the perspective of both Carpetright customers and employees. We used these insights to understand how to guide and support consumers through every step of their home transformation, from selecting their ideal carpet or flooring to the critical measurement process and arranging a seamless fitting service. This customer-centric vision became our transformative North Star project's foundation- an inspiring beacon guiding every next step.

CX Assessment leading up to CX North-Star

The first step towards creating this shared vision was to collect insights from the current customer journey of companies relocating their offices. The team therefore carried out a CX Assesment, an effective tool that quickly uncovers pain points and provides precise observations. A seamless 'moving journey' is essential for KPN since relocating someone's company is usually a moment to reevaluate the network connection. Analyzing the experience end-to-end shined a light on a few fundamental challenges and will help KPN to attract (potential) customers and, on the other hand, retain existing ones. Since this journey taps into almost every department of KPN, this assessment also functioned as a blueprint for future assessments of other CX journeys at KPN.

During the CX Assessment, we conducted several co-creation sessions with all relevant stakeholders of the KPN team to map the customer experience. This journey focuses on companies relocating their offices and starts from the moment they know they might relocate their office until they are fully operational at the new location. This way we identified customer decisions, information needs, pain points, and KPN systems involved in the journey's different phases. Additionally, we performed an end-to-end touchpoint analysis and shadowed call-center employees to evaluate the synergy between current touchpoints, the product experience, and the service level customers' experience with KPN.

The insights gathered in the CX Assessment were utilized to create a CX North Star, an inspiring vision for the ideal customer experience. We visualized the most critical touchpoints, showcasing how they work together to create an immersive experience for (potential) clients of KPN. The North Star provides the business with a clear goal in the form of a conceptual design and serves as a roadmap that can be progressively built upon step-by-step.

An ideal journey with value-added services

Our mission was clear - to create a seamless, customer-oriented journey that placed each individual at the heart of every marketing, sales, and service experience. With the CX North Star guiding us we reimagined the ideal omnichannel journey through a compelling prototype, empowered by a refreshed visual identity.

A journey of continuous transformation

The CX North star marked a new era for Carpetright, igniting the need for a CX transition that would leave no touchpoint untouched. Our next adventure begins with completely redesigning the current Carpetright website and integrating the "Carpetright Service Selection Tool” in both on- and offline customer journeys. But our partnership does not stop there. By blending seamless online experiences with offline interactions, we aspire to enhance lead generation and cultivate a consistently enchanting Carpetright customer experience.

Join us on this empowering expedition.

As we continue this exciting journey of customer-centric transformation, we invite you to be a part of our story. Together, we will shape a world where consumer empowerment reigns supreme, and your brand stands tall as a beacon of inspiration for the industry.

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Rommert Crépin

Commercial Director

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