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Penfield Digital is Salesforce Summit Consulting Partner

We wear our pride and excitement for the future on our sleeves! Every day, we strive to improve ourselves. In 2018, we achieved the status of a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, and shortly thereafter, we became an official AppExchange App Development Specialist. We continued to push ourselves even further by achieving the title of Salesforce Summit Partner a few months later, and we have been consistently raising the bar ever since. Here's how we continue to do it.

Proud to be a Salesforce Summit Partner: always aiming higher

Penfield Digital's committed team meets numerous requirements to achieve the prestigious status of a Summit Partner. These include reaching a specific threshold of Salesforce license sales, showcasing customer reference cases, obtaining certifications and specializations, achieving a high customer success score, and demonstrating growth in newly certified consultants. We strive to continually improve and exceed these expectations daily. Being one of only a handful of Salesforce Summit Partners headquartered in The Netherlands fills us with pride, but we never rest on our laurels and consistently challenge ourselves to do even better.

We Know Investing in People Works: Making it a Prerogative

All six conditions set by Salesforce are met with great success by our team. How do we accomplish this feat? We begin with the fundamental principle of investing in our personnel. We firmly believe that training, coaching, and nurturing are vital to success. Furthermore, our consultants and developers possess extensive expertise in various Salesforce technologies and exceptional knowledge of our client's industries. They often have practical, hands-on experience in the field, allowing them to optimize business processes effectively.

Penfield Digital: Combining People Development and Proven Methodology for Successful Salesforce Implementation

In addition to our focus on developing our team, Penfield Digital has created a reliable methodology that guarantees high-quality Salesforce implementations and applications. We give our clients a competitive edge by integrating the latest technology in the initial stages.

Our impressive CSAT score of 4.8 is a testament to our technical expertise and the high adoption rate of our solutions by our satisfied customers. Our clients often choose to engage in long-term partnerships with us, which allows us to achieve optimal results. Our approach involves incorporating out-of-the-box thinking, frequent gated automated and manual quality checks in development and implementation processes, and peer reviews.

These factors and our Salesforce Summit Partner status are the reasons behind our success. We are excited about what the future holds and invite you to explore our specific services by reading more about what we do or contacting us.

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Rommert Crépin

Commercial Director

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