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Press Release Penfield Assist Digital Expands Services with Salesforce Commerce, Service, and Sales Cloud

Amsterdam, September 2023

Penfield Assist Digital, a leading player in the world of Salesforce Consultancy and a multiple-time winner in Marketing Automation as recognized by Emerce100, is excited to announce the expansion of its service offerings. After a successful trial period, Penfield Assist Digital is broadening its portfolio from Marketing Cloud to also include Salesforce Service, Sales, and Commerce Cloud. This move is aimed at providing clients with a complete end-to-end service.

This strategic expansion follows Penfield Assist Digital's recent acquisition by Assist Digital. Tim Hubers, Managing Director at Penfield Assist Digital, explains, "Our decision to expand our services is not random; it's a natural progression. Over a year ago, we began this journey to better serve our existing clients. Penfield Assist Digital has been named one of the top agencies in Salesforce Marketing Automation by Emerce100 for two consecutive years. We wanted to extend the same level of expertise and service to these new areas, so we expanded our knowledge base and brought in specialized staff."

One-stop shop for Salesforce

Rommert Crépin, Commercial Director at Penfield Assist Digital, adds, "We've noticed an increasing demand from clients for comprehensive solutions, and they seek to partner with an agency that possesses all the necessary expertise in one place. While clients often work with marketers who have a broad skill set, we've seen a similar trend on the agency side. However, there are very few agencies with deep knowledge across all essential Salesforce Clouds. This is where we recognized an opportunity to bridge the gap. Over the past year, we've gained significant experience and bolstered our team's expertise (Certified) as well as practical know-how. The latter is particularly important to us because, while having numerous Salesforce certifications is valuable, it ultimately comes down to hands-on implementation experience."

Clients such as the Belgian clothing brand Bellerose, Eurofiber, and IJsvogel Retail, who have already benefited from this comprehensive end-to-end service, are highly satisfied. Marketers have said, "In the past, we worked with different agencies, each specializing in different aspects of the Salesforce Clouds we use. While this had its advantages in terms of expertise, it also posed challenges due to the interconnected nature of these Clouds. What we truly needed was a partner with specialization in all Salesforce Clouds. Given Penfield Assist Digital's expertise in key Salesforce Clouds, including Marketing, Commerce, Service, and Sales, they perfectly meet our requirements for an ideal partner. We have complete confidence not only in their expertise but also in the seamless flow of data between all Clouds and our systems. This allows us to effectively use data to create personalized messages for our target audiences."

About Penfield Assist Digital

Penfield Assist Digital is a full-service Salesforce Multi-Cloud partner and a part of Assist Digital. Penfield Assist Digital excels in strategy, implementation, development, and innovation. The company is known for its creative, pragmatic, and personalized approach to solving business challenges. Clients can rely on Penfield Assist Digital for services related to various Salesforce Clouds, including Commerce, Subscription, Service, Marketing, Tableau, Loyalty, Sales & Experience Cloud.

Penfield Assist Digital serves leading brands such as Talpa Networks, Randstad, Hertog-Jan, Nike Team, Stichd, Young Capital, Makro, the National Police, GVB, Bellerose, WWF, and many more.

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Rommert Crépin

Commercial Director

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