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Choosing the Best Replacement Navigating the End of Salesforce Social Studio: Choosing the Best Replacement

Social Studio will be retiring by the end of 2024

In an ever-evolving tech industry, change is inevitable. However, not all changes are welcomed with open arms. The recent announcement that Salesforce will be retiring its Social Studio product by the end of 2024 has left businesses scrambling to reassess their strategies. If you rely on Salesforce for customer engagement and social media management, it's crucial to understand the impact of this retirement and make an informed decision about choosing a suitable replacement. This blog will delve into the effects of Social Studio's departure and why selecting the right software is crucial.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Replacement:

Transitioning to a new platform goes beyond finding a temporary substitute for Social Studio. It involves making your customer engagement strategy future-proof. A poor choice may lead to unnecessary expenses, reduced efficiency, and missed opportunities. On the other hand, selecting the right replacement can provide long-term value and improve productivity and engagement metrics. So, what should be your next move?

Why Coosto is a Recommended Option:

We may be a bit biased as the developers of the Coosto app for Marketing Cloud, but we truly believe it is the best tool for Marketing Cloud users. Here's why:

  1. Quick Time-to-Market: Coosto allows for a fast implementation process, enabling you to be up and running in no time
  2. Customization: The platform offers the flexibility to tailor it to your specific needs, ensuring a personalized customer engagement experience.
  3. Local Data Centers and Customer Support: Recognizing the importance of legislation, accessibility, and localized support, Coosto prioritizes these aspects for European businesses.
  4. Customer Verification: With over 15,000 customers already utilizing Coosto, you can trust the platform's reliability and efficiency.
  5. Fully integrated: Coosto can be a standalone application, but combined with Marketing Cloud or CRM as an integrated application it really makes life easier as well as creates a seamless experience for customers.

What are your Next Steps?

If you've been impacted by the end-of-life of Salesforce Social Studio, you don't have to navigate this transition alone. Consider the following options:

  1. Download Coosto from the Salesforce AppExchange: Explore the features and benefits of Coosto directly from the AppExchange and see how it can seamlessly integrate with your existing Salesforce environment.
  2. Contact Coosto Directly: Reach out to Coosto's team to discuss your specific requirements, receive personalized guidance, and learn how their platform can elevate your customer engagement strategy.
  3. Choose Penfield Assist Digital as your trusted partner: Remember, customer engagement extends beyond just social media. It involves leveraging owned data, collaborating on customer journeys, sending personalized emails, and listening to the voice of your customers. Penfield Assist Digital can be your trusted partner in this journey, ensuring a seamless transition and effective digital presence.


While the retirement of Salesforce Social Studio may have left businesses concerned, it presents an opportunity to evaluate your customer engagement strategies and select the best replacement software. Making an informed decision is crucial, as it can contribute to long-term value, increased productivity, and improved engagement metrics. For Marketing Cloud users, Coosto emerges as a highly recommended option due to its time-to-market, customization capabilities, local support, and satisfied customer base. Don't navigate this transition alone - explore your options and partner with us to make your customer engagement strategy future-proof.

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