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Dreamforce 2023 Recap AI-Powered Visions: Our Top 10 Insights from Dreamforce '23

Dreamforce '23: Illuminating the Future with AI's Transformative Potential"

On September 12th, Salesforce hosted its annual Dreamforce event in San Francisco, and the central theme revolved around artificial intelligence (AI). The event showcased the integration of AI across all Salesforce Cloud offerings and featured interviews and seminars with top AI experts recognized by Time AI 100.

This year, Penfield Assist Digital was also attending this incredible conference, where we not only connected with fellow Salesforce enthusiasts but also gained invaluable insights. Today, we're excited to share our top 10 highlights from Dreamforce '23.

The AI revolution is a trust revolution. Your data is not our product

Marc Benioff, CEO Salesforce

1. Einstein 1 Platform:

Salesforce unveiled the Einstein 1 platform, a reimagining of their platform that aims to establish a trusted AI foundation for Salesforce users. This platform seamlessly integrates AI into workflows while ensuring data privacy and security through the Einstein Trust Layer. It's a comprehensive, intelligent, and automated solution.

2. Einstein Co-Pilot:

Einstein Co-Pilot is now embedded in the side panel of every Salesforce application. It enables both internal users and customers to interact with a conversational AI assistant in natural language. Co-Pilot provides actionable recommendations in the form of multi-step action plans, giving users control over their follow-up actions.

3. Free Data Cloud and Tableau Licenses:

Salesforce surprised everyone by offering free Data Cloud and Tableau licenses to customers using Sales and Service Cloud, Enterprise, or Unlimited editions. This package includes two Tableau Creator licenses and Data Cloud licenses for up to 10,000 profiles, making these previously premium products accessible to all.

4. Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud Integration:

AI capabilities for Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud are gradually transitioning to Data Cloud and the core platform. While this migration will take time, it signifies a significant shift towards consolidating AI capabilities.

5.Marketing Cloud Partners with Typeface:

Salesforce's Marketing GPT is now integrated with Typeface, enhancing marketers' efficiency and enabling advanced content personalization. Marketers can interact with GPT using natural language prompts, refining results until they're satisfied.

6. Journey Mapping:

Salesforce's Marketing Cloud Personalization, formerly known as Interaction Studio, offers real-time interaction management. Now, you can add a decision node to Journey Builder to listen to data from Marketing Cloud Personalization and react swiftly to provide the most relevant customer experiences.

7. Segmentation in Data Cloud:

Marketers gain the ability to create audience segments swiftly using natural language prompts to query Data Cloud. AI-driven recommendations help generate impactful segments, saving time that was once spent on data analysis and manual segmentation.

8. Slack AI Innovations:

Salesforce introduced Slack AI enhancements, including Channel Recaps, Thread Summaries, Search Answers, automation, and Slack lists, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

9. Data Graphs in Data Cloud:

To ensure Einstein has access to all necessary data for user queries, Data Graphs in Data Cloud allow you to visualize relationships between data model objects (DMOs). You can trace related fields and rearrange relationships intuitively, ensuring accurate data inclusion in AI applications.

10. Most Sustainable Dreamforce Ever:

Salesforce's commitment to sustainability was evident as it introduced Net Zero Cloud to assist organizations in achieving their sustainability goals. Additionally, Salesforce made concerted efforts to make Dreamforce an environmentally friendly event, positioning it as the most sustainable Dreamforce to date.


These insights represent the cutting-edge advancements in AI and data integration unveiled at Dreamforce '23, and we're eager to see how these developments will shape the future of Salesforce and empower our customers worldwide.

Let's talk how the AI insights from Dreamforce can help your business!

Rommert Crépin

Commercial Director

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