Way of working

Agile Approach

At Penfield Digital we prefer to work according to the agile project principles. We know from experience the agile method comes with distinct advantages. Think faster decision-making. Think faster development, testing and deployment. Which comes on top of the benefits that the multi-tenant and metadata Salesforce platform brings, such as an unparalleled - up to 70% faster than average - development velocity.


It is tempting to start with the implementation of the Salesforce software right away. But it is better to first define where you want to be in, let’s say, 3 years from now. Your ‘Flag on the moon’. And, should this fit into your strategy, create new business concepts or your own loyalty program. No lengthy and budget-consuming exercition, but a pragmatic take on things instead. With just one goal: to give your brand and marketing automation initiatives direction for the years to come.


Once it is clear where your brand is heading, we use the Brand Harmony Model to map your customers’ journey. This is a very effective method to gain insights in behavior, expectations and areas for improvement per individual customer life cycle stage. With this in place, we make a strategic implementation roadmap. This enables us to pinpoint which software modules you need over time. That means: no unnecessary upfront software expenses.



It is evident that you want to benefit from your Salesforce investment within the shortest timeframe possible. That is why a minimal viable product (MVP) is part of any implementation roadmap. A MVP will kickstart your omnichannel marketing ambitions, enabling you to start sharing personalized promotions and content based on your customers’ individual behavior. That means: increased marketing ROI at arms length!


After MVP implementation it is important to hold on to the momentum and continue to scope, develop and deploy functionality to support additional customer journeys from the overall backlog created earlier in consecutive sprints. During each sprint we detail the specs and create a blueprint for implementation. Individual project sprints are wrapped up with a demo, where ‘go live’ will follow after your explicit approval. This approach will enable you to wow your customers and benefit from all the capabilities the Salesforce software has to offer.

Demonstrate, participate, do-it-yourself

On ‘Go live’ of your MVP or the journeys delivered in consecutive sprints we deliver the documentation in your own Confluence environment. And train your staff on working with the application. We work according to the ‘demonstrate, participate, do-it-yourself’ principle: first we show you how to do it. Then we will work on your campaigns side by side. Until you are confident to do it completely on your own. Because that is our end-goal: to make you self-sufficient in running your automated marketing operations.

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