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Salesforce WTA revisited: Experienced skills will get your Salesforce motor running

Published on 21-03-2019 by Gerben Busch
Salesforce as your IKEA Billy challenge? Penfield Digital ensure a solid jump start

Whomever assembled an IKEA Billy cupboard knows how hard the 'set-up' process can be. That is where Penfield Digital come in.

Marketing automation and cloud platforms are 'plug & play'. At least, that's the promise. In the quest for omnichannel campaigning and communication it is just a matter of connecting the modules, set up the customer journeys on your wishlist and go full throttle. Implementation practice can be a bumpy road, though. Set up data models, create data extensions, build customer journeys, design compelling emails, landing pages and social messages, and so on. And even more important answer the question: where do I see my brand in 2-3 years from now? And, what will be the road towards that endpoint?

And that is where we as Penfield Digital come in and make a difference. Of course, we do implement your Salesforce Marketing, Sales and Service Clouds. As seasoned omnichannel marketers we know what it takes to plant your flag on the moon, define your KPIs and create an implementation roadmap. And work from there, starting with your first implemention, the MVP. Once we pinpointed in which direction you are heading we ensure a solid basic set-up (= assemble your Billy) of your Salesforce environment to give you a good jump start towards creating engaged customers through creative and inspiring journeys.

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