Salesforce WTA revisited: why you cannot do without strategy

Published on 12-03-2019 by Gerben Busch
Het belang van strategie: waarom marketing automation verder gaat dan de implementatie van een MVP

Especially for those who couldn't make it to Salesforce World Tour: a recap of the value we can add to your marketing automation. Part 1: the importance of strategy.

It is o so tempting. You bought your Salesforce licenses and you just want to get started. Understandable, as it is all about ROI. The average Salesforce implementation partner will meet your wishes: Plan a Discovery (ed.: a workshop to capture your marketing automation requirements) to determine which customer journeys to implement. The translation of those requirements into a blueprint, a technical specification document as the basis for implementation. Building the journeys and testing prior to go-live. And then: it's all up to yourself. The only thing is: marketing does not come to an end after the first Salesforce implementation. That's the moment where it actually starts. The competition for the favors of prospects and customers.

Of course, here at Penfield Digital we also help you to get your Salesforce Cloud up and running. The sooner, the earlier you start generating return on marketing automation. Thus, a minimal viable product (MVP) is a first step in our approach. What sets us apart, though, is that in parallel we help you to 'plant your flag on the moon', i.e. we jointly define how your customers will experience your brand in 2-3 years from now. And, consequently, we make a strategic customer implementation roadmap. This will ensure that everything you do in marketing automation will actually contribute to your higher goal: more involved customers with increased brand preference and a higher customer lifetime value (CLV). This structured approach will help you make your customers regard you as their king. Or queen.

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