Salesforce WTA revisited: we get your motor running

Published on 29-03-2019 by Gerben Busch
Penfield Digital knows how to get your Salesforce 'Ferrari' running

With Salesforce you bought yourself a Ferrari, but it's everything but a smooth drive. Sounds familiar? Then it's time to meet the Penfield Digital chiptune squad.

It's striking to say the least. The number of encounters where we bump into a situation of organizations who bought their Ferrari and not being able to enjoy their ride. I'm talking about Salesforce. The Ferrari under the marketing automation and customer success platforms. The solution you purchased to be future-proof in automated and data-driven marketing, sales and service. Enabling you to create customers for life.

In daily practice all that glisters is not gold. In client engagements we see more than once a situation that the Salesforce Ferrari isn't doing what it was promised to do. That has nothing to do with Salesforce itself. I mean, the capabilities are endless and the technology robust. The root cause is most of the times poor implementation. Or promises not lived up to. Often caused by a lack of understanding what it takes to create a rock solid configuration. Or short-term focus.

That's where the Penfield Digital chiptuning squad comes to your aid. We look beyond the day of tomorrow as your ambitions may have an impact on how to design basic Salesforce implementation. We know what it takes to assemble your Ferrari and hand over the keys for a smooth maiden voyage. We do even more than that. We chiptune your ride to benefit from all the horse powers that Salesforce entails. You know what to do ;o)

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