Salesforce WTA revisited: the importance of brand in the customer experience equation

Published on 16-03-2019 by Gerben Busch
Marketing automation is just tooling, your brand is what's creating true customer experience

Is marketing automation tooling really the goose that lays the golden eggs? Well, it is a step in the right direction, but ...

... you need to do more than that to create that distinctive, consistent brand experience. Certainly, marketing automation is making customers as well as marketers lives easier. When we implement the Salesforce software for you and campaigns and ongoing communication programs will be triggered by insights a.k.a. next best actions from your 360 degree customer profile, you, as a marketer, will have a lot more time to spend on your brand to monitor if you're still on track and take corrective measures if necessary. 

Adding artificial intelligence (machine learning, predictive algorithms) to your automated campaigns and customer journeys will enable you to make your customers' brand experience more personal. Which in itself still doesn't mean that your brand is perceived as more attractive than those of your biggest competitors. For example, just compare the welcome journey of five random brands and you will find out that they offer more or less the same feel.  

The true distinctive competence is still in your brand. In the soul and core values from which you operate. Old school? No. Of all times, yes! And that is where Penfield Digital sets itself apart from other Salesforce partners. From our DNA and heritage we have the capabilities and experience to translate creatives in a consistent way to individual touchpoints in your marketing automated customer journeys. Genuine and authentic brands are on average perceived as the attractive and inspiring ones. Be smart and bring your brand into the customer experience equation.

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