Salesforce WTA Revisited - Jumpstart your ROI with technology made simple

Published on 09-04-2019 by Gerben Busch
Salesforce WTA Revisited  - Jumpstart your ROI with technology made simple

Complexity lurks around the corner where it concerns the implementation of (marketing automation) technology. Not at Penfield Digital. We make things feel simple.

We have been around in the market at the intersection of marketing and ICT for quite some time. What has been a running thread during all these years is, for some reason, application and technology implementations made complex. And for what reason? To stretch assignments and sell more consultancy and development hours? Or for what cause? Not digging deep enough to get the complete palette of functional and technical requirements to the surface? Not our cup of tea.

Solid implementation calls for looking beyond the day of tomorrow 

It is something we encounter more than once: clients struggling with their marketing automation lift-off due to either a poor implementation or not knowing how to make the next move to start building relationships with their customers and benefit from better results. That is why we call upon our clients to plant their flag on the moon a.k.a. define their ambition. With the end-goal in mind, you take the right perspective on what is needed to do a proper, qualitative basic Salesforce set-up. 

Taking things step by step

And with that basic implementation, your MVP, in place it is just a matter of scaling up along the overall functional backlog we created. Because that is what we do: with the end-goal in mind we map out the road towards it. with every step along the way a patch of functionality for implementation. Another side-effect is it becomes crystal clear at what moments in time you need to activate or source new licenses to support the respective functionality. Call it a license investment plan. An added value when making your yearly marketing plans and budgets.

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