Penfield Digital contracts Rommert Crépin as Head of Growth

Published on 26-06-2019 by Gerben Busch
Penfield Digital - Rommert Crépin handshake to seal the deal

With a 100% match we are set to grow by growing our customers.

What was already in the offing for quite some time, now has come together. Penfield Digital contracts Rommert Crépin as Head of Growth. After a short period of constructive talks with omnichannel marketing and communications agency The Valley we mutually decided for him to make the transfer. Knowing that he and Penfield Digital would be a 100% match. Rommert will be responsible for growing the Penfield Digital business, in terms of signing new clients and supporting the growth of existing ones. Using his network in the Salesforce organization to close out deals to make win-win-win situations.

Rommert Crépin, Head of Growth: “With my track record in marketing and Salesforce, Penfield Digital is the obvious choice for me.  We’re all about creating long-lasting relationships between our clients and their customers. I mean, you got to think 10 steps ahead. It’s like playing chess instead of checkers. I get my kicks when we help clients start with their MVP and then embark on a journey to define their entire digital maturity roadmap, all within the Salesforce stack.”

Gerben Busch, Managing Partner: “With Rommert we acquired a valuable asset to our leadership team. With his track record in Salesforce-based projects, both agency- and client- side, as well as his in-depth knowledge of how to engage customers as a brand he is the perfect counterpart and soundboard for brands and companies considering to make the next step in brand engagement and customer experience and ... digital transformation. It’s not about technology, it’s about rendering customers a seamless customer journey. We will definitely see him to show commercial muscle”


About Penfield Digital

Penfield Digital is a Salesforce marketing partner, co-founded by The Valley, an omnichannel marketing and communications agency with a 25+ year track record, and Appsolutely, seasoned Salesforce professionals with a strong focus on making the Salesforce technology work. We stick to the rule that, with technology as a powerful backbone, a total brand approach is what is making customers stick: creating a consistent brand experience for individual customers across all customer touchpoints. In short: we believe in ambition, i.e. putting your flag on the moon, map out the road towards it, with the technology as an enabler to realize clients’ potential.