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Tour & Taxis

Big names and big ideas are heading to Brussels this year on 20 June. One of those names is our customer Orac Decor, where we did a collaboration with Delaware to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

They will tell a story of how they succeeded to enhance customer centricity, personalize marketing, and scaling operations. They have a Salesforce-based marketing automation and sales solution that caters to three buyer personas, manages basic sales processes, ensures a connected customer experience, and provides a best-of-breed front office for employees.

Also at Salesforce World Tour Essentials Brussels, you will see 
sessions from trailblazing industry leaders, you can learn how to lower costsincrease productivity, and drive efficient growth for your business or organization in a sustainable way.

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Orac Decor

Want to meet on the Salesforce World Tour Essentials?

Rommert Crépin

Commercial Director